Why you must pray

17 Jul

Prayer must be our Life’s vocation as believers, if we don’t pray or we don’t tarry in prayers,

We will be operating in the aim of flesh which will surely fail us. The harder we try, the less we accomplish and the more frustrated we becomes.

This affects our actions and dispositions and we begin to manifest angry, bitter, irritable and other sinful habits.

Since we know we cannot successfully handle our lives on our own, there must always be in us a desire and commitment to seek supernatural invention and divine involvement in our situation.

We dare not to move an inch without the presence and influence and guidance of God in our lives; hence we must constantly seek these through prayers, indeed, when a believers stops breathing and stops living; therefore we must pray, pray and pray, pray more, talk less believer. Pray in the spirit, pray with understanding and pray with faith that moves the heart and hand of God. Put all your heart and attention into prayers – don’t be half-hearted or double minded, when you come into the presence of God.

Shut out all distractions. Be sensitive to God as you speak to Him in prayer, so you can hear Him speak to you too.

There must be soberness, saintliness, and submission to God’s will as you pray.

Make out quality time to pray; do it deliberately, don’t ever retire from praying; determine to always confront life’s battle with and continuous victory will be yours. You will move from race to glory, never knowing defeat in any area of Life.

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Posted by on July 17, 2012 in Miscellaneous


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